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Today we feel social using social media, meeting friends online.
Svooz bridges the gap between your online social activity and your physical, social interaction.

Svooz in a nutshell

Svooz motivates you to be active alone or together with family, friends, or strangers.
We love to explore and find things to do, doing it together is even better.
However, sometimes we need a slight push to get going.
Svooz is always there to kick off your next adventure.

On your own

Need inspiration for a tour.

Svooz is waiting with intellectual challenges, workouts, practical tasks, photography challenges, and other challenges.

Invite for a tour

Invite whom you want. Friends, family, colleagues, children, neighbors, dates, club friends, only set up a time and meeting point.

Fare away

Not in the same area as your buddy?
Invite someone at a definite time. When you start, connect and collaborate via the built-in walkie-talkie function; you may also share photos.

You never walk alone

Nobody to invite for the moment? Svooz offers an exciting feature to connect with unknown, using the  walkie-talkie function.  Communicate with new friends anywhere in the world.

How does Svooz work

Svooz features an ever-increasing hitlist of tours and experiences made by previous players and the network of 2000 Svooz locals waiting for you. Svooz is waiting with intellectual challenges, workouts, practical tasks, photography challenges, and other challenges.

You are also welcome to set up your favorite challenges. Set up your route, and add experience is easy. You are welcome to use challenges from our library or make them all as you like. You can even customize everything as you want it to be.

Svooz also contains Points of interest (POI) for all around the globe, so even if there is no tour in your area, our AI combined with POI will set up a route that takes you to the local POI. On the way, we automatically add challenges and bonuses. You will choose if you like quizzes, workouts, or photo challenges.

If you have a unique place you want to share, you can easily add your POI to the Svooz database.

Endless possibilities

Experience, learn and challenge where you are, whenever you want.
The goal is informal activity without being highly competitive, which is suitable for everyone.
Svooz is cyclically independent as we always need diversions wherever we are.
Svooz accompanies you both in the local community, at work and on travel and holidays.
Svooz counteracts passivity when you yourself lack ideas and do not know what to come up with. Notification can be activated as you are “kicked” out the door.
A Svooz can be free for the user or be funded by advertisers or organizers.
There will always be a selection of bonuses that you can add to your route or you can add your own bonuses.

The convenience store can, for example, give a discount or a chocolate to the participant, restaurants can offer dessert, the clothing store can give a gift etc.
It is often the case that if a customer enters a store, they often come out with goods.
Bonus giver pays per issued gift card in the same way as you pay for a click on Google, Facebook or other modern advertising media.

Hotels, Airlines, Tourist Offices and Cruise Lines

Offer guests tours in their area / city, either paid or free. Provider can use the app to guide the guest, at the same time as funfacts may appear on the trip.

Can also sell guided tours, where they also enter one or two manned records where the tourist gets extra information. This is especially suitable for cruises as their guests only visit the city for a limited time.
Photos that the participant takes on a trip can later be used by the organizer of the trip. For example. when approaching / entering, photos from previous guests’ use of the app appear on possible screens in the back of the seat / reception / hotel lobby. This is good and selling information for travelers where Svooz is used to strengthen the provider’s own services / products to its guests.

The photos are also shared on social media # under city, facilitator’s name # and the tourist’s own #

For tourists

Svooz is used here as a digital guide that guides the tourist from where they are, to selected defined attractions.
Tasks and challenges such as quizzes, photo / video challenges can be entered.
The tourist can skip points or different parts of the trip if they wish.. We think a bit about the “Alt for Norge/Everything for Norway concept” for the tourist, so that we challenge the tourist through tasks to interact with the locals.

School, Education and Training

The teacher can ask students to go out and find, for example, a specific object, go out and perform practical tasks, etc. We work with connection to databases that can verify pictures so that if the student takes a picture of a pine, we will analyze the picture and answer about it was actually a pine tree.

Campaign For Companies
Companies can use the desired function to create Svooz’s for their customers partners and employees.
Engage Members, Local Activities and Local Media Events

Sports clubs and other organizations can arrange both free challenges and trips in the local community that people can use whenever they want. They can also create events with a fixed attendance time to contribute to social life. The type of competition / challenges are almost endless as the app provides space to instruct and challenge both physically, intellectually and practically.

Courses, Conferences and Corporate events

Course participants may be required to complete a Svooz as part of the seminar. Here you get participants to move, answer questions, participate in challenges etc. The nice thing is also that the individual participant can choose when on the day they want to complete. This helps to ensure that not everyone runs into each other’s legs. Their next session or part of the program may also be part of the route.

Welcome To New Employees
A new employee goes through a Svooz so we are sure that the person in question gets the necessary information and guides in the right places.
Private Events

The group of friends can use Svooz to make party toys, “Easter bunny” challenges, rebus races, get to know sessions, pub to pub tour, guidance on blue tours etc.

Invite your sweetheart to a Svooz. Questions and challenges are adapted to their level. For example, you can enter questions you would like to find out. The app can be especially nice if you are introverted, as instead of asking, you enter the questions in the app. Reuse of questions is also possible for “serial daters”.
Corporate events, Activation

Endless possibilities

Competitions, Sports

A trail can be created with challenges and tasks with a common start. The organizer can staff the records they want and the app keeps track of participants, assigns routes and tasks.
Participants can be asked to check in via a QR code to confirm that the task has been completed.
Svoozer is developed by the organizer, tailored in its own intuitive interface in the app. Participants gain access to the activity via a code that is distributed to the participant.
Organizer can brand the app in its own name with its own logo when the task is triggered by a code.

Everyday Activities
Svooz will on an independent basis build site-specific challenges with defined routes and general challenges where the various challenges arise on the basis of distance traveled by the participant.

Systems will also be developed so that the participant, based on their wishes, can tailor their challenge.


Tasks open automatically for the participant, either at a given GPS destination or after a certain number of meters or completed steps.

When the task is controlled by the number of steps, the challenge can be used anywhere in the world. This is well suited when the tasks are not site-specific.

Svooz is used either on an individual basis or in a group where you invite the participants you want.

Svooz can be set up with result lists so that participants are ranked.

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